Website security plan

Website Technology is Constantly Evolving

Hackers and malicious nogoodniks are constantly checking for website vulnerabilities so these website platforms and technologies are constantly monitoring and updating the vulnerabilities of their programs that hackers find to cause damage to your website. Along with your website content management systems, there is thousands of plugins that are also being checked for vulnerabilities by the hackers. Some of these plugins are probably running on your website right now if you have a WordPress website.

What can you do?

Hackers NEVER Rest

It does not matter if you are a big or small company or if your website is just for personal enjoyment. It does not matter to them. They are malicious and want into your site.


What Are You Doing To Stop It?

Relax… We Can Help.

We Can Set Up And Run A Website Security Plan

Our team will review, setup and implement a security strategy for your website that will greatly reduce your website vulnerability from hackers.

Key areas of focus:

• Limit logins by unknown users
• Updating WordPress software to the latest version
• Updating WordPress plugins
• Malware scans
• FREE malware removal with a yearly subscription
• FREE backup and restore with a yearly annual subscription

Our Website Security Packages

You deserve peace of mind.

Let Us Help Take Care Of The Security Of Your Website.